Uratehdas in brief

Uratehdas in brief

Uratehdas is an unemployment related project that is targeted to highly educated – or people been in respective roles – people in Pirkanmaa who are unemployed and seeking to work at the private sector. People in the scope of the project are mainly engineers (BA, MA, PhD), economists and business administration people (BA, MA, PhD), natural scientists and marketing and sales specialists.

Participation in the project is free of charge and totally voluntary. The participants apply for the project voluntarily and leave the project after they succeed to get employed.

The work of Uratehdas is complimentary: participating the Uratehdas project is not limiting the participation of almost any other unemployment related activity.

The working principle of Uratehdas is that we will communicate openly all the different options that could help people get employed.

The goal of the project is to help people find themselves their next job. It does so by helping people to increase their abilities to find jobs, enlarge their views of different ways to employ themselves, strengthen the faith in finding the next job and keeping the faith and spirit up to continue searching if unemployment continues longer. The project co-operates with local companies, entrepreneurship related organisations and business in general for the purpose of arranging occations where job seekers can directly meet job offerers and recruiters. Uratehdas also looks for and intermediates both hidden and opently vacant jobs as available and relevant. Despite private sector, Uratehdas co-operates also with the public sector representatives like communal employment instances and adult education institutions.

Working modes of the project are e.g. individual career counseling, looking for relevant information and intermediating it to our customers, organizing trainings, workshops and information sharing sessions. Sessions often concentrate to give the needed information and tips, but most of all to concrete steps of finding jobs, e.g. application, CV, interview, selling ones expertise to employers. In the sessions people most often work concretely by themselves with their work related documentation and situation. The Uratehdas project gives the differents actors the possibility to tell via us how they could help the unemployed to find work, e.g. light entrepreneurship, work agencies, entrepreneurship and co-operative societies. Currently we also help people with their Unemployment Office related Employment Plan documentation.

Participants tell one of the main reasons to join and stay in Uratehdas is the experience of being amongst and meeting with peers. At the moment there are a lot of highly educated, smart and active people with a lot of accurant work experience and yet they find themselves unemployed. Meeting similar people sharing a same kind of between jobs -situation gives them a lot of strength, not to mention the tips and experiences sharings and working together to employ oneself.

Project is financed by TE services and trade unions.

More info: jaana.taskula@uratehdas.fi or tiina.keskinen@uratehdas.fi

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